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Gather inventory from an offline computer

Last Updated: May 21, 2018 11:43PM IST
s3tools can be used to scan the local computer or remote computers for hardware and software information. 

To gather hardware and software information for the local computer, simply run the s3tools executable without any command line parameters. A data file is written to the current working directory that contains all the relevant inventory information.

To gather hardware and software information for a remote computer, it is necessary to specify the remote computer name on the command line e.g.
s3tools /inv /devicename ComputerName /fast

To gather inventory information for multiple remote computers, it is possible to create a script that calls s3tools for each remote computer e.g.
s3tools /inv /devicename ComputerName1 /fast
s3tools /inv /devicename ComputerName2 /fast
s3tools /inv /devicename ComputerName999 /fast

​​The inventory data files can be automatically uploaded to Sam360 by copying them to the 'Uploads' folder of an active Sam360 Management Point. For more information, click here.

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