Hyper-V Hypervisor host and virtual machine data can be import via the Sam360 Web Portal ‘Import Data‘ page. To import Hyper-V data…

  1. Log in to the Sam360 web portal
  2. Click the ‘Settings’ button on the top right of the screen
  3. Click on the ‘Import Data’ menu option on the left menu bar
  4. Select ‘Hyper-V’ from the ‘Data Import Type’ dropdown menu
  5. Click the ‘Choose file’ button to browse for the file to be imported. Select the file and click ‘Open’ Note: Only one file can be imported at a time, the content and format of this file are explained below
  6. Click the ‘Upload’ button
  7. The Hyper-V data will now be imported and queued for processing. Data is generally processed within a minute of importing, although this can be longer if the platform is busy

Import File Format
Hyper-V data can be imported in a single CSV file or as a zipped archive (.zip file) containing multiple CSV files. The CSV file format for uploading Hyper-V is described below. A free to use Sam360 SAM Gold Toolkit PowerShell script which extracts virtual machine and host data from a Hyper-V Hypervisor in the correct CSV file format can be downloaded from here.

The Hyper-V import CSV file (comma delimited) should contain the following columns.

Column Title Description Sample Value
FQDN The virtual machines (VMs) fully qualified domain name machine1.testdomain.local
OSName The VMs operating system Windows 7 Professional
HyperV_Name The VMs Hyper-V name (MANDATORY) Machine1
EnabledState The VMs state (Enabled/Disabled) Enabled
Host The host hypervisor name Host-01
GUID The VMs unique identifier (MANDATORY) 65232B00-B0FB-47FD-B1C3-C54EE1751F43
Description A description for the VM Microsoft Virtual Machine
EnabledStateID 2
InstallDate The VMs install date 20160419175017.449143-000
OnTimeInMilliseconds The amount of time the VM has been running 5000000
TimeOfLastStateChange The time when the VMs state last changed 20160713134744.831756-000
OSVersion The VMs operating system version 6.3.9431
CSDVersion The VMs current service pack Service Pack 1
ProductType 1
NetworkAddressIPv4 The VMs IP address
NetworkAddressIPv6 The VMs IPv6 address fe80::9658:11b8:3d25:2610%6
OSEditionId 48
ProcessorArchitecture 9
SuiteMask 256


A sample Hyper-V import file can be downloaded here.