SCCM hardware and software inventory data can be import via the Sam360 Web Portal ‘Import Data’ page. To import SCCM inventory data…

  1. Log in to the Sam360 web portal.
  2. Click the ‘Settings’ button on the top right of the screen.
  3. Click on the ‘Import Data’ menu option on the left menu bar.
  4. Select ‘SCCM Inventory’ from the ‘Data Import Type’ dropdown menu
  5. Click the ‘Choose file’ button to browse for the file to be imported. Select the file and click ‘Open’ Note: Only one file can be imported at a time, the content and format of this file are explained below
  6. Click the ‘Upload’ button.
  7. The SCCM inventory data will now be imported and queued for processing. Data is generally processed within a minute of importing, although this can be longer if the platform is busy.

Import File Format
SCCM inventory data can only be imported as a single zipped archive (.zip file) containing both the hardware and software inventory files. The CSV file format used for both the hardware and software inventory files are described below. A free to use Sam360 SAM Gold Toolkit PowerShell script to extract both of these files from Office 365 can be downloaded from here.

SCCM Hardware Inventory Details
The SCCM Hardware Inventory Details import CSV file (comma delimited) should contain the following columns.

Column Title Description Sample Value
SourceKey Unique machine identifier (MANDATORY) 1
SystemClientVersion System client version 4.00.6487.2198
ComputerSystemName The machine name (MANDATORY) Machine1
SystemName The machines system name Machine1
SystemNetBiosName The machines net BIOS name Machine1
Domain The machines domain name, long form testdomain.local
Resource_Domain_OR_Workgr0 The machines domain name TESTDOMAIN
BiosSerialNumber The machines BIOS serial number VMware-50 2f d3 7b d2 44 e7 36-a5 32 d4 b7 91 a7 bc 55
BiosReleaseDate The machines BIOS release date 14/04/2014 00:00
MacAddress The machines MAC address 00:91:56:AF:7A:C2;02:00:54:55:4E:23;20:41:53:59:34:FF;
IPAddress The machines IP address(es);
LastHWScan When the last hardware scan was performed 2016-08-07T22:22:00
LastSWScan When the last software scan was performed 2016-08-04T23:52:33
OperatingSystem The machines operating system Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise
LastBootUpTime The machines last boot tie 07/08/2016 12:04
OperatingSystemServicePack The machines Service Pack Service Pack 2
OperatingSystemInstallDate When the operating system was installed 28/10/2011 10:18
OperatingSystemVersion The machines operating system version 6.0.6002
PhysicalMemory The amount of RAM the machine has 16382
VirtualMemory The amount of virtual memory the machine has 24344
ProcessorCount The machines processor count 4
CpuIsMulticore 1
CpuNormSpeed 2600
CpuProcessorType 3
CpuDeviceID CPU1
LogicalProcessorCount The machines logical processor count 4
CpuType The machines CPU type Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2650 v2 @ 2.60GHz
Model The machine model VMware Virtual Platform
Manufacturer The machines manufacturer VMware, Inc.


SCCM Software Inventory Details
The SCCM Software Inventory Details import CSV file (comma delimited) should contain the following columns.

Column Title Description Sample Value
DeviceSourceKey Unique machine identifier (MANDATORY) 1
DiscoveryDate When the software was first discovered 2016-08-07T23:46:47
InstalledLocation The software’s installation directory C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\
SwName The software product name (MANDATORY) Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010
SwVersion The software product version 14.0.6029.1000
SwPublisher The software product manufacturer Microsoft Corporation
SwSoftwareCode {90140000-0011-0000-0000-0000000ff1ce}
IsOperatingSystem Is this software an operating system product 0
Source v_GS_IS


Sample SCCM hardware and software import file can be downloaded here – Hardware, Software.