Sam360 is an online Software Asset Management platform. The platform includes the following features

Software & Hardware Discovery

  • Rapid data collection
    • Remote scan
      • Target All AD, AD location, List & IP Range
      • Multi protocol (WMI, Remote Registry, Remote PowerShell)
      • Low resource footprint scan
      • Configurable number of simultaneous scans
      • Intelligent scheduling to rescan devices previously unavailable
      • Use one or more sets of administrator credentials
    • Agent scan
      • Agent is a simple low footprint 2 MB Win32 application.
      • No dependency on .NET Framework
      • Deploy agent standard MSI package using Sam360 Management Point, Group Policy, any software deployment tool or zero configuration manual install.
    • Web scan – Zero install, zero configuration scan tool. Deploy with URL, Email, Thumb drive, Network drive etc.
    • Import from existing repositories E.g. System Center Configuration Manager, MAP Toolkit, Altiris Inventory, Snow Inventory, Lansweeper
    • Manual Entry
  • Software Metering
    • Agent based Windows & Web application metering of Windows client & server devices including RDS servers (e.g. XenApp, RemoteApp & Terminal Services)
    • Agent free Windows application metering of RDS server
  • Forensic data discovery such as
    • Product Editions, Keys, Channel, Licensing Service status, Uninstall history
    • SQL Server Services, Edition, Instance Name, Cluster, Configuration
    • Enabled Operating System features
    • BIOS OEM license data
    • ISO/IEC 19770-2:2015 SWID Tags
    • Logon history
  • Configuration can be updated locally using Windows application or remotely using Sam360 portal
  • Product catalogue data for individual software products, such as licensability, Windows version compatibility, end of life dates etc.
  • Remote software removal
  • Integration with virtualisation servers such as VMware, Hyper-V, XenServer. Gather affinity, cluster, migration history information.
  • Integration with various enterprise systems
    • XenApp, XenDesktop, RemoteApp – Software usage & availability, Terminal usage
    • Exchange Server – Server Edition & Role, Mailbox usage, CAL Requirements, ActiveSync device activity
    • Skype for Business – CAL Requirements
    • SharePoint – Web Applications, Site features, Users & CAL Requirements

License Management

  • Inventory data normalization
  • License gap analysis for device based licensing
  • Contracts, Agreements, Renewal, Vendor & Reseller Management
  • Integration with Office 365 License Management – Gather License Entitlement, License Allocation & State, Usage information.
  • Integration with Microsoft Software Asset Management workflows WCA & IAM


  • Standard grid with data filtering, sorting, printing & export in various formats
  • Standard Excel reports such as ‘Environment Overview’, ‘Scan Status’, ‘Cyber Security Review’
  • Custom report design including field selection, filter definition, data grouping and context sensitive methods
  • Custom Excel report design
  • API to access all client data

Value Added Services

  • Cybersecurity reporting (End Point Protection status, Unmanaged mobile devices, Admin user profiling etc)
  • Mobile Device Management including thin client and ActiveSync device discovery
  • Office 365 readiness reporting

Core Security Protection

  • Data Encryption on Transfer. All data is encrypted using 256 bit SSL on transfer
  • Administrative Auditing. Manage user permissions. Track all user activity
  • Sophisticated User Password Policy
  • Source-based Access Control. Block and grant access based on user IP address
  • Region Aware Hosting. Choose to use our secure European, North American or Australian data centres

Partner Features

  • Instant client onboarding
  • All client data centralised in 1 location
  • Fine grained permissions system to provide different levels of access to client data
  • White labelling
  • API to manage client work flows e.g. CRM, BI, Backend License Management etc