Sam360 collects licensing relevant data from various sources from the client’s environment. The following lists outline the different data points that are collected by the various collection mechanisms.

Active Directory Scan

Details of other domains in the current forest
Details of trusted domains
List of all computers in the current domain
List of all users in the current domain
Details of all Exchange servers registered in Active Directory
List of all active sync devices in the current domain

See our Active Directory PowerShell script for more details

Software and Hardware Inventory Scan

During an inventory scan (run locally or remotely) the following software and hardware data points are collected for each device.

  1. Hardware
    • Device name & domain
    • BIOS details including date & version.
    • IP address details & MAC addresses
    • Processor information including make, model, count, core count, speed etc.
    • Memory information including total installed and available
    • All instances of various hardware related WMI classes including Win32_BIOS, Win32_ComputerSystem, Win32_DiskDrive, Win32_Processor & Win32_ServerFeature.
    • Virtual/physical flag. If virtual, virtual host is also collected.
  2. Software
    • Operating system, version, edition & service pack.
    • Installation date, path, serial number, activation key & licensing model where available.
    • 32 & 64 bit sections from ‘Uninstall’ section of the registry including per user specific sections.
    • “Windows Installer” section of registry including installed executable information.
    • Product ID data for various products including titles by Microsoft, Adobe, Oracle and Symantec.
    • SQL Server specific information from WMI and registry including version & edition.
    • Operating System installed feature list
    • AppV inventory data.

Each inventory scan results in the creation of a single inventory data file which includes all data listed above. The data is stored in compressed DER encoding. If required, please contact us to request our inventory file viewer which can be used to view all collected inventory data contained in the data file.

Software Metering Agent

If the software metering agent is deployed, it records who uses which products, on which devices, for how long and how often. It records when the user activates and deactivates each application i.e. how long the application has focus on the user’s screen.  This includes the following data points

  • User name
  • Device name
  • Remote device name (if the application is being used through Remote Desktop Services, Citrix etc)
  • Application & product name
  • Domain name (if the application is a web browser)
  • Start & finish times

RDS Software Usage Snap Shots for Microsoft RemoteApp, VDI, Citrix XenApp & XenDesktop etc.

The Sam360 Management Point can be configured to remotely query RDS servers to get a snapshot of current activity details including

  • Process and Product names
  • User Name
  • Remote device/terminal name

See our post on monitoring software usage with RDSMon for more details.

Hyper-V, XenServer & VMware Hypervisor Scan

The Sam360 Management Point collects the following details from Hypervisor servers if configured to do so.

  • Host name, IP address & cluster details
  • Processor information including make, model, count, core count, speed etc.
  • Memory information including total installed and available
  • Guest VM Details
    • Name
    • Operating System
    • Virtual hardware details
    • Mobility configuration and migration history

See our Hyper-V PowerShell script, VMware PowerShell script, XenServer PowerShell script for more details.