Import Software Inventory Data
Software inventory data can be import via the Sam360 Web Portal ‘Import Data’ page. To import inventory data…

  1. Log in to the Sam360 web portal.
  2. Click the ‘Settings’ button on the top right of the screen.
  3. Click on the ‘Import Data’ menu option on the left menu bar.
  4. Select ‘Inventory Data’ from the ‘Data Import Type’ dropdown menu
  5. Click the ‘Choose file’ button to browse for the file to be imported. Select the file and click ‘Open’ Note: Only one file can be imported at a time, the content and format of this file are explained below
  6. Click the ‘Upload’ button.
  7. The inventory data will now be imported and queued for processing. Data is generally processed within a minute of importing, although this can be longer if the platform is busy.

Import File Format
Inventory data can only be imported as a single CSV file. The CSV file format used for the software inventory data file is described below. You can only import inventory data for devices that already exist in the Sam360 system. The device can be added to the Sam360 system by any import option or via the Sam360 Management Point or Sam360 Agent. There is a simple CSV file format for importing device data. See the article Sam360 Web Portal Import Device Data for more details.

Inventory Data CSV format
The Inventory Data import CSV file (comma delimited) should contain the following columns.

Column Title Description Sample Value
DeviceName Device Name – used to identify the machine that the imported inventory will be associated with (MANDATORY) Device1
AddRemoveProgramsName The software product name (MANDATORY) Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010
AddRemoveProgramsVersion The software product version 14.0.6029.1000
AddRemoveProgramsManufacturer The software product manufacturer Microsoft Corporation
IsOperatingSystem Is this software an operating system product 0


A sample inventory data import file can be downloaded here.